Why knowing the diamond is so important?

One spring day I decided that I am ready to commit to my girlfriend with whom I spent over 5 years together, that one decision made me a walking buying power of anywhere from $2,000.00 to say 34,000 if I were to go to Tiffany's Co. That's right I had to buy an engagement ring and it had to have a diamond. While there are many different reasons why one would be interested in purchasing a diamond it is always best to know something about diamonds before you walk into the diamond shop. Knowledge of this precious rock will save you time, money, and will get you the best deal you can possibly have.

On this website you will learn...

The five C's of the diamond. You will be able to understand the Carat Weight Measurement system, The Color differences, The Importance of Clarity, Different Cuts of the diamond, and finally the cost!

It is important for you the visitor to understand that I am not in the business of selling diamonds; I am not associated with any diamond dealer, engagement ring store, or any other party in this industry. I've done my research independently to provide the most un-bias and accurate information so that you can have the power of the knowledge.

How to look at the diamond (Diamond Anatomy)

On this chart you can see the Table of the diamond, the Girdle, the Culet, the Crown, the Pavilion and the Depth of the diamond. Through out this website we will be using these terms and words but luckily you will now know what they mean

Diamond Anatomy